Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural

I’ve been relaxed and I went natural. I’m back to a relaxer. Now this shouldn’t discourage you if you have chosen to transition. When I was natural I would still want hairstyles that were for relaxed hair.
Here are some tips for those in transition

Some people do a “Big Chop” and cut off the relaxed hair. When I was natural I gradually did it.

Some protective styles are braids, twists and sew-ins
There’s so many braid and twist styles that can be done to change your look up. Like two strand twist, cornrows, box braids and flat twists
You can also get blow outs for straight styles
If you like curls then a roller set, flexi-rod set would be a great option
Updos, and buns are in trend so those are good options

A good moisturizing shampoo and a conditioner that is moisturizing and penetrates the cuticle
Do a deep conditioner once a month

Keep your hair well moisturized Get regular cuts and trims
Always use a thermal protector when you blowdry, curl or flat iron the hair


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Author: swtcndymua

Beauty blogger, Avon Independent Sales Rep. and soon to be a licensed cosmetologist.

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