What I’ve Learned So Far in Cosmetology School

I first off want to start by saying thank you for liking and following my blog. Your support means a lot. For those that don’t know I get no family support on my decision to go to back to school.
I’ve learned in cosmetology school about the elements of the hair. How hair grows and the growth process. I’ve learned the technical terms for different hair conditions and diseases. I have learned what medical conditions can or can’t have a specific service. The most important thing to do is have a client consultation. I was already doing this before I started school. How else will you know what the client wants if you don’t have a discussion first.
Then doing a hair and scalp analysis or skin analysis.
I’ve learned how to do a 0 degree cut, a 90 degree cut and a 45 degree cut. I do need to practice more on the 45 degree haircut.
I have learned how to do a manicure and pedicure.
I know how to wax eyebrows and give a facial.
I can’t wait to have my cosmetology license.
This was just a quick recap on my cosmetology journey.  I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a good day!!!

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Author: swtcndymua

Beauty blogger, Avon Independent Sales Rep. and soon to be a licensed cosmetologist.

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