Christmas Tag


Nobody tagged me but I wanted to do this. So you would learn a little about me.

What is your favorite holiday movie? The Grinch the cartoon version

What’s your favorite Christmas color? Silver but I still love my purple

If you could buy one person a present this year who would it be? This is not a fair question because I’m a single mom of three. If I had the money I would buy my best friend a Garmin GPS navigation system for her car.

Do you open your present on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Christmas morning

Have you ever built a gingerbread house? Yes I have with my kids

What do you like to do on Christmas break? Go to the movies, shopping and spend time with my kids

Any Christmas wishes? I wish I could get enough donations from people to be able to afford a car again. As soon as I have a car I can drive for Uber. If you want to donate the link is http://

Favorite Christmas smell? A real Christmas tree

Favorite Christmas meal other treat? Favorite treat is either German chocolate cake or Red Velvet cake

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Author: swtcndymua

Beauty blogger, Avon Independent Sales Rep. and soon to be a licensed cosmetologist.

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