Dyeing My Hair Extensions Pink

Hey so I exchanged my hair from. shening Hair. The previous hair kep matting up and tangled. I had to brush it every before I went to school. I received two bundles of straight inch in 12 and a closure. 

 I bleached the hair using Kenra Powder Lightener and 30 and 40 developer. After I lightened the hair I shampooed it with a neutralizing shampoo. Then a color treated hair shampoo and conditioner. I also sprayed a leave-in conditioner after that. I let the hair air dry. I used developer and Kenra color in pink and one I mixed pink and blue together. One bundle has pink and purple the rest is all pink. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the hair after I bleached it and colored it. Here is me with my pink hair and how it looked before I started.


Author: swtcndymua

Beauty blogger, Avon Independent Sales Rep. and soon to be a licensed cosmetologist.

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