Macy’s Spring Haul

Here is a small haul of things I picked up at Macy’s. I got a black dress by Planet Gold, a floral pink and purple dress by the Marilyn Monroe collection, a floral dress also from the Marilyn Monroe collection, a black sleeveless top with black sequins by Almost famous and a rose patterned pencil skirt by Material Girl.

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Why Models Should Hire a Makeup Artist

Makeup by me on model Kennedi Rae
Makeup by me on model Kennedi Rae

If you are a model who is just getting started as a model. It is very important to invest in yourself as a model if you plan on getting paid work. Investing in a great photographer is the first step. You also need to invest in a great hair stylist and makeup artist. These right people can really make or break your portfolio.

I know you are wondering why do I need to invest in all of that. By doing your makeup yourself you could loose getting potential jobs if you don’t wear makeup and decide to do it yourself it will show in the pictures. If you don’t know how to apply your makeup right or want to try a look you don’t know how to do it will cost you jobs.You can start on Model Mayhem to meet photographers, hair stylist and makeup artist. This is a great place to meet others in your area and build a portfolio.

The benefits of investing in yourself as a model are if you have paid for a professional photo shoot you are guaranteed your photos and will get high quality photos for your portfolio.

My personal story when I used to model I have had photo shoots unpaid time for trade and didn’t get any pictures from the shoot. I was so hurt and this also happened once for a photo shoot I did as a makeup artist.

I also suggest if you do a time for print deal. Have a written agreement with the photographer. Have in there how many images you had agreed to and how long it will take to get them back. Include the date of the photo shoot and location. Have a space for the photographer to sign and date.

Makeup artist have the education on lighting, ingredients, undertones, sanitation and more. Your makeup artist should keep up with trends. They should be able to educate you on trends and products if you have questions or at least be willing to find out the answer. When you hire a makeup artist and they are on location with you they know when to touch up your makeup and how to create different looks.

Makeup Sanitation For Makeup Artists


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Use disposable mascara wands.

Never double dip into the mascara.

That can cause pink eye, herpes or other infections.

Mascara and eyeliner should be discarded every four to six weeks highly recommend or replace every four to six months.

Cream Products:

When getting out cream products Use a palette knife or spatula

Use 90% rubbing alcohol to sterilize after each use.

Powder Products:

Wipe powder products with a tissue after each use. Try Beauty So Clean for cleaning powder products. Face powders, bronzers, powder products replace after a year.


Replace your foundations every six months. Use foundations with a pump they last longer than liquid foundations without a pump. Foundations which are a cream foundation use a spatula and scoop out a small amount on a stainless steel palette.


Lipstick, lip liner and glosses are good for two years. Use a spatula to get product off the tube and put it on a stainless steel palette.


Use alcohol to sanitize tweezers, scissors, and lash curlers.


Wash your brushes each night after each use. Have at least three sets of brushes when working on multiple clients. Spot clean with a makeup brush cleaner like Cinema Secrets or Parian Spirit to spot clean. Deep clean and sanitize when you get home.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

I love the new Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. I had the original Fit Me but I looked like a grease ball in my T-zone. I like this foundation I love how it feels on my skin. It doesn’t have a strong scent. You can build up the coverage. I use two shades 330 Toffee Caramel and 355 Coconut. I wish there were a few more shades for women of color. Overall I would recommend trying this foundation. It doesn’t transfer. I do need to touch it up if I have sweated but it lasts for a decent amount of time. I would recommend this to combination or oily skin ladies. If you have dry skin try the dewy fit me foundation.

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Review Sensationnel Empress Evelyn Wig

My review of the Sensationnel Empress Evelyn Wig. It is an L-part lace front wig. I have it in the color 2. It comes in many    colors. It is really soft and the curls are bouncy. It has a L part that can be cut to blend in with your hair. It has combs on the side and in the back as well as adjustable straps in the back. It fits snug but not too tight. I purchased the wig from

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Beauty Advisor Interview Tips

I’ve  recently  been  on  three  different  beauty  advisor job interviews with  three  different companies. I want to help you ladies out by getting you prepared for your beauty advisor interview. Here are some of the questions I was asked as well as other questions that might assist you. Do you have retail experience?

1.Tell me about yourself?

2.How do you feel about applying makeup on people?

3.Have you ever sold cosmetics before?

4.How would you build a relationship with the customer to get repeat clientele?

5.Describe a time when you had to work as a team?

6.Why do you want to work at?

7.What are your strengths and weaknesses?

8.What is good customer service?

9.How would you deal with an unhappy customer?

10.Why should I hire you?

Cosmetology Vlog 2

In my third week we learned about haircoloring. There is permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent haircolor. We learned about haircutting in week four. I learned how to do a 0 degree haircut, a 90 degree haircut. We also learned the 45 degree haircut but I wasn’t able to get to class to practice that. It has been very stressful with only being able to go to class two or three nights a week. I haven’t did a clipper cut yet but it was in the haircutting chapter. I never knew there were so many different ways to cut hair. I also was taught the correct way to hold the shears to cut hair. I have to get used to holding the comb in my left hand when I’m cutting and not put the comb down.