Cosmetology Vlog 2

In my third week we learned about haircoloring. There is permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent haircolor. We learned about haircutting in week four. I learned how to do a 0 degree haircut, a 90 degree haircut. We also learned the 45 degree haircut but I wasn’t able to get to class to practice that. It has been very stressful with only being able to go to class two or three nights a week. I haven’t did a clipper cut yet but it was in the haircutting chapter. I never knew there were so many different ways to cut hair. I also was taught the correct way to hold the shears to cut hair. I have to get used to holding the comb in my left hand when I’m cutting and not put the comb down.

Cosmetology Vlog 1

Follow me into my cosmetology journey.

This is the first vlog of my first two weeks of cosmetology school. I learned about chemistry in my first week of school. Understanding the ph scale and oxidation. In my second week we learned about chemical services. Chemical services include permanent waves and relaxers.   My teacher is very knowledgeable and also very silly. I have practiced on doing a permanent wave set, and how to do a virgin relaxer and a retouch relaxer application. It is hard work but I am so excited by the possibilities is my chosen career.